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Is your product constantly evolving?

Does the development team require improvements and new ideas?

External resources are the best way to help to scale up your business. Our pre-vetted developers are ready to help seamlessly match the existing team.

Regardless of how many people and what specializations you need, we will find a solution that will improve your work and help you create even better products.

We also offer outsourcing of specialists for the entire project, which will allow you to validate your business idea without internal employment.

What you get?


Working on digital products is a continuous improvement. It is worth betting on a trusted extended development team that will be ready to help at any time.

full support

Regardless of whether you need Backend Developers, Product Designers - UX/UI, Frontend Developers, Project Managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Software Testers or DevOps in your team - we can provide you with the support of various talents.

cost efficiency

Don’t worry about costs typical of full-time employees. In the case of the extended development team, you only pay for the time spent on a given project.

outside perspective

External feedback will help develop your digital product and draw attention to details you may have missed.

time saving

While the extended team is developing your digital product, you have more time to focus on business optimization.


If the scope of your activities is constantly changing, choose the extended development team to freely change the number of outsourced developers.

knowledge transfer

Outsourced development is a valuable injection of knowledge, methodologies, and experience for in-house employees.

custom solutions

Specific target groups require original solutions. Partnering with our specialists allows you to adjust the tools to your unique needs and ideas.

One stop shop: top-notch software engineers and others specialist under one roof

Our project team includes many talents that you may need at different stages of your digital project. Depending on your needs, choose the right specialist:

backend developers
product designers - UX/UI
frontend developers
project managers
scrum masters
product owners
software testers

backend developers

They are responsible for the data management of a project/product. Their job is to create a system best suited for the client's needs. They are responsible for how data will be stored, in what kind of database, how to access the data, in which way to process it, and finally how to deliver it into the presentation layer of an application. Also, they are mainly responsible for application speed, optimization, and security. Backend developers are experts in finding inconsistencies or identifying edge cases in existing applications.

product designers - UX/UI

Responsible for designing the visual presentation part of the application. Their main goal is to make the product clear and appealing to the end user. By using a variety of modern design principles they can significantly improve the conversion rate of any product, identify missing features or bottlenecks.

frontend developers

They are responsible for implementing and maintaining the visual presentation of the application. In close cooperation with Product Designers and Backend Developers, they bring the product to life. Frontend developers focus also on page responsiveness which is critical on many display sizes. They maintain the application in a wide variety of web browsers and implement complex animation.

project managers

A software Project Manager defines the requirements of a project, communicates the goals, and cares about achieving the targets. They lead projects within the organization, dealing with activities from explaining the scope of work, through introducing and educating the project team. They also manage the time course and the project budget. A Project Manager must therefore have knowledge and skills in various fields.

scrum masters

The Scrum Master is responsible for the Scrum values and principles within the team and company. The main responsibilities of this leadership role are clearing obstacles for the team, creating an environment where the team can be effective and excel, ensuring a good relationship between the team and the Product Owner as well as others outside of the team. The Scrum Master protects the team from outside interruptions and distractions. Furthermore, the Scrum Master educates the whole company on Scrum values and processes, this role is a key ingredient for a successful implementation of the Scrum framework.

product owners

The Product Owner (PO) is responsible for the maximization of the product value. Within the scrum team, the owner is the person who defines the product backlog, a prioritized list of features that need to be developed by the developers. The PO decided which features are most important for the product and when they should be delivered. The role requires analytic and business skills mixed with good communication skills and leadership mentality. The Product Owner delivers all business insides and feature descriptions to the team and is accountable in front of the stakeholders.

software testers

Each digital product should be thoroughly checked for errors and correct operation. Testers verify if the requirements have been met. They are involved in the quality assurance stage of software development so that the product does not have bugs when it reaches users. Good tests are performed in close cooperation with developers. The task of testers is to detect problems in all phases of software development and maintenance and to communicate them to programmers. Thanks to their meticulous work, the end users, developers, and investors can avoid a lot of trouble.


DevOps Engineers work with developers and the IT team to automate the code releases and make sure that everything works on the environment. Their task is to ensure that the entire workflow between all elements and modules of the software architecture is fully tested and runs smoothly (e.g. deployments). DevOps combines practice and tools that allow products to be improved and evolved at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. As a result, the processes performed are more automated, the organization can be more competitive on the market, and provide customers with even better services.

Interested in working together?

We run two offices:
Warsaw and Katowice

Two stationary offices of Bpol in different locations mean even more pre-vetted specialists from various fields of software development.

Warsaw (Headquarters) is the very heart of Poland and Katowice (Branch office) is in the south of the country.
Such a location on the map allows us to access the talent pool faster and more effectively.

High recruitment standards are a guarantee
of cooperation with the best specialists in their fields.

Check how we can attract talent pool from leading areas:

Pre-vetted specialists ready to join your team

Our in-house pre-vetted specialists are ready to join your team. The recruitment process can be limited to two simple steps.

You receive carefully selected CVs of experts in their fields.

If the specialists match the profile of your search, they can immediately join your team and start working on the project.

Scale your business with external development team

We recruit external specialists who can supplement your team with unique competencies and skills. An extensive verification process allows you to precisely select the right employees.

We screen the candidates and select the best matches for your project.

During the first round of interviews, we verify high-level technical skills and fit into your work culture.

Candidates who passed to the third round take the technical tests.

We provide you with the CVs of the best candidates.

Only when we find candidates matching the profile of your project you will receive an offer from us.

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