E-commerce Technology Consulting

Through e-commerce technology consulting services, we ensure that our customers’ IT and Sales departments collaborate seamlessly. For starters, we can suggest the best e-commerce and CMS platforms to fit your business. Using strategic planning and digital strategy, we make sure that the chosen e-commerce platform has all the prerequisites to run flawlessly both on web and mobile devices. To ensure that the suggested solutions are integrated properly into your company’s current environment, we provide a full range of e-commerce implementation services.

E-commerce Implementation

The e-commerce solutions suggested during the preliminary stage are implemented while maintaining a continuous focus both on the front-end and backend systems. If needed, we can provide user experience (UX) design services, so that customers follow the optimal path on your e-commerce platform. In terms of backend systems we coordinate the company’s ERP system, to ensure that it works in line with the product database and the internal and external logistics. Inventory, order and warehouse management, along with shipping & handling and customer service are other aspects that we focus on.

Product Development

Unlike existing e-commerce solutions, which are oftentimes slow, complex and risky to change, the solution suggested by us relies on the existing API and stack, but takes advantage of a proprietary e-commerce platform that features a fast engine and customizable, buffered content. Everything is embedded in a top-of-the-art responsive Web app that is faster than standard solutions. Our approach ensures a greater number of conversions and requires less maintenance.

E2E Maintenance & DevOps with AWS Cloud

We acknowledge that managing the cloud infrastructure behind e-commerce platforms is no easy task for companies that do not have a sizeable DevOps team. To help your e-commerce business overcome that, we take full responsibility for managed services, infrastructure automation and the maintenance, monitoring and support of cloud services. By automating the infrastructure, we increase the performance, productivity and availability, of your team members, as they will be able to focus on other aspects. The managed services include ensuring a cloud-agnostic management infrastructure, performance tuning, planning and optimization, backups, and documentation, among many other aspects.

E-commerce Training

Teams looking to improve their e-commerce management workflow with best-case scenarios can benefit from our expertise in training. Besides establishing the optimal configuration for your company’s e-commerce platform, we pinpoint the technical aspects that require regular attention and devise marketing plans to match your business goals. Our e-commerce training service covers the following areas: After providing an overview of each area during the training sessions, we go into detail and make recommendations so that your company’s implementation of the e-commerce platform is the most efficient.

E-commerce Merchandising

As e-commerce cannot exist without merchandising, your company should focus on ways to combine these two areas seamlessly. As such, we focus on making your website and e-commerce platform: Responsive and mobile-ready Interactive and with an effective search function Data-driven for better merchandising decision-making By keeping these aspects in mind at all times, we provide your company the means necessary for staying ahead of the competitors.

Enterprise Application integration

For CRM & CMS integrations, we start with an analysis from the marketing and IT perspective, followed by an assessment of relationship marketing strategy. To help companies choose the best CRM for their scenario, we analyze the process and make adequate solution recommendations. Furthermore, we provide database optimization, recommendations for acquisition and lead generation, as well as analytics consulting services.

Quality assurance

Since we take an Agile approach to software development, quality assurance is something we perform continuously and not just at the end of a project. This way, we make sure that any bugs we discover along the way are solved immediately, before they escalate. Our focus is to gather all relevant user scenarios and e-commerce information, and to organize them to identify sensitive areas before our QA engineers even begin testing. The organized information is then expanded on with possible test cases so that the test execution can begin. The whole execution process becomes time-efficient and effective, so that the end-user of the e-commerce platform will have an interruption-free experience, something that often leads to repeat purchases.