Bespoke services for your e-commerce business

Our software house delivers excellent results for your internet business by applying an agile methodology to modern technologies. Our seasoned team of professionals eagerly await new challenges in the e-commerce field and beyond.

Extended team

Flexible team size that can be scaled whenever you need it

Fair price for exceptional services

International talented engineers

Teams tailored to the
project needs

Teams tailored to the project needs

Seamless integration with your team

Any project size and needs can be appropriately addressed given bPol’s base of 40 talented developers. Whether it is a temporary addition to increase the speed of deployments or a longer partnership to acquire tech knowledge that is scarce at your company, our developers have participated in both roles while helping brands around the globe.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

Web applications that act as desktop and mobile native versions (Android/iOS)

Better lead

Better lead conversion


Instantly loaded


Always updated


Accessible offline

Responsive websites will never reach the same level of user experience as native apps for iOS and Android, but those tend to be more expensive to develop and require downloading. A Progressive Web App acts like a mobile application accessible through a browser. It has the same rich content, can be used with no Internet connection, sends push notifications and updates itself so users can always benefit from your latest revisions.

E-commerce (B2C and B2B)

Any platform or functionality custom-built with business value in mind


Platform agnostic

Custom scalable

Custom scalable solutions

Product Information Management (PIM)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Designing scalable solutions that can be used by millions of users daily is our priority. Our expertise will help you increase profits by optimising the way your warehouse operates or the way you manage various product lines in multiple online stores. Implementing multiple currencies, translatable content or complicated discount system may further complicate a project, but we can deliver it all.

API & Integrations

Integrate vital elements of your business with newly built solutions

(Including Amazon)

Vendors, carriers,

& Logistics

WMS & Logistics

Internal Business Systems (ERP)

Companies whose business applications have been developed over the years by multiple development teams are often left with an inefficient and scattered system that could be optimised. bPol can help with seamless integration of external systems such as delivery providers and payment gateways.

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