UX/UI design is one of those magic phrases everyone repeats for the good past couple of years. It’s crucial for your project, you need to do it right if you want to succeed, etc. Well, actually this is true. But why? And what does it all mean?

What’s the difference between UX and UI?

UX and UI are often tied up together, but in reality, they are different matters. UX means „user experience”, while UI is „user interface”. The latter is anything a user may interact with to use a product or service. In terms of digital products, nowadays those are screens, buttons, icons, and all of those shiny tools developed with graphical user interface (GUI), but UI is also keyboard, sounds, lights and other means used either to input command by the user or to provide them with information. Of course, for the majority of digital products, both UX and UI design actually mean web design.

On the other hand, user experience is, well, experience. Your general feeling when you interact with something. And it’s not just the product or service. It might be the company as a whole. To simplify: UX is focused on solving a particular problem and UI is focused on how a product looks and functions.

What’s important is that there is no universal user experience for everyone, as we all use digital products with different purposes and expectations. And let’s face it. No matter how beautiful your product is, if no one uses it, it’s just worthless. 

So it’s the user who decides. But it’s you who decide what should user do with your product. 

What's your business model? 

The whole user experience depends on your business model. Do you care more about user acquisition or retention? Do you utilize the freemium model and want to convert users onto customers? What’s your industry? What’s your budget? And what about your competition? Do you need to grow rapidly or is there more time to develop your products?

No matter what are the answers to the questions above, there are several important factors that a good UX and UI design will help you with.

1. Win the confidence of your customer

Confidence and trust are the foundations of acquiring new customers. They don’t know you, so the best way to make them like you is to make them happy. A well-designed product will bring satisfaction to your users, increase their loyalty and help you do business.

2. Build the value of your brand

If you want your customers to remain loyal, you need to take care of your brand. And – if you build your business from scratch – establish one. Innovative features and attractive designs will help you position your company as innovative and not only increase brand loyalty but also help you reach more customers.

3. Save on support expenses

Well-designed and then the well-developed products will help you spend less on support and maintenance. An easy-to-use app means fewer questions for users and less work for your customer support. But design done right means also less training for your future employees, not to mention less documentation and time spent on editing it.

4. Boost your future growth

If you get your UX and UI design right, it will be easier for your business to grow. More happy customers bring even more happy customers. And well-done web design will help you increase your presence in search results. On the other hand, as you will spend fewer resources on support, maintenance and development, you will be able to handle more traffic with grace.

Let us help you!

UX and UI design of your product can be tricky. But don’t worry, we can help you. At bPol we cover every aspect of the design process. From the audit, through UX/UI design and prototyping, to project implementation. If you want to know more, check our website and get a free estimate.