Introducing "Flowtly", a new service that enables employees to effortlessly track their work time across multiple projects, manage their holidays and invoice their time to clients. With Flowtly, employees can log their work sessions, including start and end time, and take notes on their tasks. They can also request and manage their holidays with the help of their managers. The invoicing feature allows employees to bill clients on a per-project or per-hour basis. Managers can also view and approve time entries, and generate reports to have a clear understanding of their team's work and the time and money spent on each project. Flowtly streamlines time management for employees, ensures accurate invoicing for clients, and gives managers a comprehensive view of their team's work.

Flowtly is a versatile service that can help businesses in various industries, such as law offices, custom software companies, and more. For law offices, Flowtly allows attorneys to accurately track their time spent on different cases, bill clients accordingly and manage their time off. This can help in better time management and increase billing accuracy, resulting in increased revenue for the firm.

In custom software companies, Flowtly enables developers to track their time spent on different projects and bill clients based on the hours worked. This can help to improve the accuracy of invoicing and provide a clear overview of the time and resources spent on each project. Additionally, Flowtly's holiday management feature can help software development teams to better plan their resources and ensure deadlines are met.

Overall, Flowtly can be a valuable tool for businesses of all types, it can help them to better manage their time, improve invoicing accuracy and increase revenue. If you are interested in testing Flowtly, just give it a try on