There are two criteria that will improve the revenue on an e-commerce platform, the traffic - amount of users available on the platform - and the conversion rate, which is the proportion of this traffic that will actually order something on your eCommerce platform.

  1. Understand your user’s problems, by tracking their actions as well as follow their satisfaction level.
  2. Increase the load speed of your customers, also remember that not every eCommerce customer has always broadband with him. He should not be blocked because he is in the subway.
  3. Shorten your customer’s path to order, the fewer actions, the best. E-commerce is about providing ease for customers. All has to be easier than in classic retail.
  4. Have the best and extensive descriptions for your products.
  5. Be competitive! Remember that you might be one option out of 5, if your shipping costs are higher than the competition, improving the conversion rate on your e-commerce will be complicated.
  6. Learn who your customers are so that you can speak to them in a direct way.
  7. Target your advertisement, SEO, SEM in a precise way. Qualified traffic is key to high conversion rates in eCommerce.
  8. If you don’t know what option to choose, then try to AB Test your two options. Compare and track, which one of the two solutions works best.
  9. Reassure your customers about doubts that they might have
  10. Recover users that might have abandoned their journey, using cross-sell ad networking or sending recover emails if your customers agreed to it

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