bPol is supporting medical services during the pandemic COVID 19. The Coronavirus outbreak has been a huge challenge for global healthcare and every other industry. As the economy is collapsing, people are losing their health, jobs, or businesses. The only thing that we can do is take responsibility and do everything in our power to help fix this crisis.

"The IT industry has been least affected by the current crisis, we want to do our best to support those who are worse off than we are." - Bernhard Huber, CEO 

Our industry will not suffer such a severe downturn. Without major obstacles, we are able to do our job remotely. Unfortunately, others were not so lucky. All over Poland, there is a lack of basic equipment in hospitals - masks, gloves, aprons. The number of ventilators is also limited. Owners of Polish technology companies and programmers themselves have created a website that allows financial support for hospitals and doctors. 

Devs4docs We encourage the whole IT industry to join the collection for medical equipment and devices for Polish health care. The sacrificial work of doctors and rescuers and well-equipped medical facilities can realistically reduce the number of coronavirus victims. That is why we have created a moneybox on siepomaga.pl - all the funds we will collect on it will be transferred to the main collection 'We support the Polish health service during the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic'. Thanks to helping from our friends from Prowly and Monday, the initiative went viral.

Maska dla Medyka” - Mask for the Medic Initiative. The project involves people from the world of science and business. They devoted their time, knowledge, contacts, and money to create an effective and safe mask to protect healthcare workers exposed to direct exposure to SARS-CoV-2. The project assumed that during the pandemic there would be a lack of professional personal protective equipment for these people. Medicine professionals need support and resources. Traditional tools are insufficient or not available quickly. In this situation, engineers and designers around the world are working on alternative solutions. They will replace the equipment not available today, which is needed to effectively fight the epidemic and save lives. Our input: Printing missing tools and components in 3D printers and adapting existing products to new applications. 3D printing is fast and cheap. By offering their machines people can increase the speed of mask production.

 TechToTheRescue This initiative is a  voluntary movement connecting IT companies with non-governmental organizations. Technology companies support foundations under the statement - The help is free. "Tech To The Rescue" is the name of the action under which foundations and NGOs can apply for free assistance in setting up a website, application, or communication and remote work. Especially now, technology plays an important role in our lives. In times of pandemic, help, and support are crucial. Through the TechToTheRescue platform, NGOs can declare their need for support in the broadly defined IT area.

It's not just big tech companies that are stepping up to fight coronavirus. What matters now is numbers. Each person - tech or non-tech can make a difference by adding any kind of support to our fight. This crisis is touching every aspect of our lives, changing how we live, work, learn, and engage with our community. We are doing all we can to make a difference right now by partnering with incredible individuals and organizations.